20,000 Children Fight Poverty and Trafficking Through IAS Officer’s Free Model

The DM understood that the administration could only implement the much-needed adjustment. And thus, Aloran came to be.

Implementing Schemes Is His Forte

Due to this initiative, the district’s infant mortality rate dropped from 19 to 14, and the percentage of institutional deliveries climbed from 97% to 99.3%. Maternal fatalities also declined from 21 to 13.

Driving Excellence: WBSIDCL’s Transformative Role in West Bengal’s Infrastructure Development

After receiving three Governance Now PSU Awards, WBSIDCL has proven its leadership in infrastructure construction and management. WBSIDCL helps West Bengal flourish by working hard, developing innovative ideas, and striving for greatness.

Small Industries Development Bank of India signs MoU with West Bengal SIDCL

According to Dwivedi, this MoU would help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in West Bengal speed up the process of establishing their units and gaining institutional assistance.

8 Dedicated Civil Servants And Their Initiatives Which Made 2018 A Better One

While politicians and kings can only issue orders, civil servants are the unsung heroes of every nation’s progress and prosperity. Everyone in the government, including the police, collectors, and administrative staff, should agree that this is the best leader.